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Solo-professionals and small teams develop a clear brand identity and a solid foundation in marketing, sales, customer experience and leadership.

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Established businesses clarify vision, strengthen internal systems, troubleshoot workflow issues, and build a motivated team that gets the job done.

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Enable the business owner to seamlessly transition to a new endeavour or pass the torch to the next generation of owners.

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Stories from our friends

We’ve worked with hundreds of diverse
businesses—here’s a sampling of just a few.

Lois Raats, M.Ed.

My mission in life is to help individuals and teams become stronger, better, and happier. As we work together toward their goals, people invariably become more capable, productive, and empowered.

I am a business consultant and educator with 30 years’ experience in 

  • change management strategy
  • business development
  • leadership development
  • team dynamics
  • program development 
  • career and life transition support

I have worked hard over the years to develop a wide range of skills and thinking tools. My natural curiosity has led me to the diverse fields of counseling, organization development, leadership and team development, business strategy, design thinking, marketing, sales, and many other areas of interest. I have continually studied whatever my clients have needed me to learn in order to best serve their interests.

I have a strong belief that individuals and businesses develop best in community. Over the years I have provided leadership development and succession management to a wide network of regional leaders and executive teams for the betterment of our whole community.