Massimo Zefferino

'Lois helped to clarify our brand, redevelop our website, identify new potential markets and redevelop my sales and marketing strategies.

Massimo Zefferino, Owner


Refresh your strategy and direction

Massimo Zeffirino owns zfactor, a successful national design firm in Waterloo, Ontario. After fifteen years, he needed to take a fresh look at his business in order to reposition its overall strategy and direction. “I started this company because I love it, but the daily grind was starting to get to me.”

Massimo met Lois at a learning event. He says the clarity she brings to the table is exactly what he needs in a business consultant and – best of all – he says Lois ‘gets’ creative people. He also found her to be trustworthy with “very high integrity.”

Lois guided Massimo through a series of exercises that helped him identify his values, purpose, mission, and vision for the future. She helped identify Massimo’s strengths, and the strengths of each of his team members.

As he gained clarity and focus, Massimo delegated his least favourite activities to his team and associates whose strengths matched those areas.

Lois helped Massimo clarify his target market, streamline his sales and marketing process, and then focus the zfactor website to support the new vision.

Since Massimo has also been busy developing two new software innovations, Lois coached him on business plans and pitch presentations, and introduced him to helpful advisors and potential investors.

Massimo remains passionate about creating awesome design solutions and continues to work with Lois to shape the future of his company.

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