Sandra Dietz, VocaLinks

"Lois helped me profile my ideal clients so that I could better understand the fears and aspirations of current and future clients."

Sandra Dietz, Regional Manager


Develop marketing strategies and tactics to increase business.

Vocalinks is an international software company that specializes in worker productivity and accessibility. Sandra Dietz is a regional business manager who was looking to develop her marketing and sales skills. After a group workshop Sandra decided to work one-on-one with Lois.

As Lois helped Sandra profile her ideal clients, she was able to better understand the fears and aspirations of both current and potential clients. This analysis helped her flesh out marketing strategies and tactics that increased business. As she tried out new ideas, Lois provided Sandra with concrete feedback and continuous skill development.

“Working with Lois helped build my confidence and my business. Lois and I could work with specific situations and scenarios and discuss them in-depth.”

Sandra describes working with Lois as organic. The sessions would always move in a positive direction. She says the discussions around sales and moving forward with her goals were particularly rewarding. “Getting that extra push from Lois and her encouragement was able to really help me able to move forward more quickly.”

Sandra says she would recommend working with Lois. “She is very helpful, and the one-on-one was ideal because I could bring forward anything that was on my mind.”

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