The Story

Twin City Dwyer Printing Company is a 2nd generation mid-sized printing company competing in an industry that has been deeply affected by changes in technology, try internet marketing, symptoms and a rapidly evolving marketplace.

President Joe Dwyer originally asked Ready2Grow for advice on marketing TCD’s products and services. But it quickly became apparent that changing up the marketing strategy was only the tip of the iceberg. Lois helped Joe and Dave reflect on their overall business strategy and operations, identifying their strengths and helping them offset their weaker areas.

“Lois worked hard to help us become more agile in a dying industry. She was realistic and was able to fit in with our perspective. But she constantly brought us new ideas, then taught us how to experiment and get new things happening.”

Lois’ focus and outside perspective is what helped Twin City Dwyer Printing Company regroup. Lois worked with the company to take stock of what it was doing well and where it could grow.

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