The Story

Menno Martin Contractor has been in business for over 70 years as a contracting, check home building, and renovation company in Waterloo Region. The business has a strong reputation for excellent craftsmanship and high-quality service.

Since Art’s and Trent’s life partners are also their business partners, Lois arranged a series of workshops designed to help the couples redefine the values, purpose, mission and vision for their established company. The sessions helped the couples develop a joint vision for moving forward and ensured the leadership team was aligned toward the same goals. The sessions revealed the company’s core identity and strengths, making it easier to envision what to focus on moving forward. The partners were able to take these new insights to a branding and marketing company in order to refresh the look and feel of their organization for a new generation of leaders and employees.

Art says working with Lois was extremely helpful. “The four-hour sessions would fly by. We were so engrossed in the process.” Working with Lois led to a successful rebranding for Menno S Martin. Its essential philosophy remains the same: ‘putting people first’. However, now it incorporates the personal touch with technology too.

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