Fournier Health Management Solutions

The Story

Lucie Fournier runs a successful disability management solutions company. After 27 years, medications she was looking to grow in another direction. “I needed someone to help me bridge the gap and help me get out of my own way to move forward.”

Lucie met Lois through a networking session and the two immediately clicked. Lois helped tease out Lucie’s vision of a direction focused on preventive health. They created an organization chart for the new business unit, imagining the roles Lucie would want others to play, and reserving roles for herself that played to her strengths and allowed her to innovate. From there they set specific action-oriented goals and checked in each week to watch them unfold.

Lucie appreciated Lois’ style, which is straightforward and focused. “I found her professional, articulate, very well read, and connected.”

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