For more than 25 years

Lois Raats has helped over 4,000 individuals and organizations improve their results using a comprehensive, solution-focused approach to change and growth.

Lois RaatsShe especially loves working with people and companies in transition. In other words, when what used to work no longer works, and new ideas and a map for the future are required. Growth is bigger than marketing, sales, cashflow, HR, or even leadership. Growth involves fitting all these pieces together coherently to fulfill your life and business vision. Lois has made it her life’s work to understand growth from as many perspectives as possible in order to be able to simplify complex issues and clarify the best strategies for moving forward in any situation.

…and so on.

You need to know what to do TODAY to accomplish what you have in mind.


  • You want to increase sales but don’t have the internal processes to support new growth.

  • You want to improve internal processes but don’t have the right team in place.

lois working with clients


  • You want to hire the best team but recognize you don’t have a clear picture of the culture you’re trying to create.

  • But how can you create an awesome culture if you’re not clear about your vision and your brand?

improving your business
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