Hiring Right

One of my clients needs a bookkeeper. Last week he interviewed 2 candidates. He likes both individuals, and since I know both of them, he asked me which one I thought he should hire. Here's what I told him... "This has been a good example of how different it feels inside when you're energized by [...]

The Beauty of Low-Hanging Fruit

One of the first questions I ask clients is "What's your low-hanging fruit?". People have been turning themselves into pretzels writing blog posts, firing off tweets, and grabbing the attention of  "influencers". Sure, do these things. But I find professional services are often locally-based. What actually drives business is face-to-face leads groups, networking, sales conversations, and [...]

This Week’s Online Tools

To automate and grow your online fan base, you need to find those magic tools that create time instead of headaches. Here's a great list of tools, resources, videos and other fun stuff from Bryan Harris, the founder of Videofruit. I've starred the ones I can vouch for myself. Software List Goal: Gives you a roadmap for growing your [...]

The True Currency for 2015? Trust.

People place a lot of stock in measurables these days. You know...scorecards, KPIs, analytics of all kinds..."If it can't be measured it's not worth pursuing." It's hard to argue with the logic. But the way I see it, the most important thing a business should be measuring is trust. Why? Because trust easily creates an [...]