How Jennifer Downsized…and Doubled Her Business

I enjoyed catching up with immigration lawyer Jennifer Roggeman a couple of weeks ago at Kitchener’s Ben Thanh Restaurant.  It’s been great fun supporting Jennifer in “doing the right things right” over the last few years.  Through implementing best practices in a number of areas, Jennifer has managed to double her business. I figured […]

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4 Things to Do Before Visioning

 Have you set your vision and goals for 2014 yet? 
 No?   Good…I’ve caught you at the right time.
I rarely recommend starting with vision and goals when looking to the future. It’s just that certain other basics are important to cover first. Otherwise it’s all too easy to chase shiny objects and get involved with […]

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5 Keys to Building Your Content Strategy

Several intrepid entrepreneurs met today to discuss the in’s and out’s of developing a content marketing strategy and tactical plan. Themes that emerged from our discussion:

1.  It is no longer possible to attract customers with scattershot marketing (i.e. “getting your name out there”). Every entrepreneur needs a map and a plan.

2.  Make sure you […]

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Increasing Sales with the “Skinny Call”

One of sales reps’ most common mistakes is to try closing a sale too quickly. Predictably, the potential customer feels misunderstood, turns off, and leaves the conversation. End of story.

One widely-taught solution is to create a “trial close”.  A trial close is where you present an offer that falls short of an actual sale, […]

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